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Please feel free to view the videos below showing machines we have provided controls systems on in action.

Pin Pallet Loader for the dental industry This system orients cylindrical pins used in the dental industry into pallets. The pins are loaded into a feeder bowl. The pins have a chamfer on one end.  The pins are inspected by a vision system to determine at which end the chamfer is located.  If the chamfer is at the wrong end the pin is rotated.  Once the pin is in the correct orientation it is placed into a pallet. Once a pallet is full it is loaded into a CNC system where the pin is ground into a dental tool. If the chamfer is out of specification, or missing the pin is placed in a reject bin.

Test tube cap bond tester This system tests the bond between a plastic cap and its bonded seal insert. The caps are pulled from a conveyor system and loaded into an index dial. Five test cylinders rise from below pressing in the insert.  If the insert deflects more then a specified amount the seal between the insert and cap is determined to be faulty.  Fault caps are pulled from the indexer and drop into a bad parts bin. All caps that pass the test continue back onto the conveyor.

Test tube cab spring spring placer This system inserts a metal disk spring into a plastic cap.  The disk springs are loaded into a magazine.  As the caps travel down a conveyor the system pulls disk springs from the magazine loading one disk spring in each cap. The final product is part of a test tube cap assembly.

Reaction Injection Molding Machine Integral Controls has a control system developed specifically for RIM. We have upgraded the controls on over twenty reaction injection-molding machines. This video is one of eight machines at Magna’s Decostar facility in Carrollton Georgia that we have upgraded.  Decostar is a new state of the art facility molding exterior automotive components such as front and rear fascias. This video shows one of the machines dry cycling the Corvette front fascia tool.